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PR Firm Trumpets HD Purchase Over Vacation

Presumably it’s all tongue-in-cheek, but a PR firm is publicizing the availability of its client’s HD experts to the media by suggesting that for every vacation car trip taken during this economically challenging summer that may result in some fond memories—but perhaps little more—there’s a long-lasting reward to be had instead: an HD product from its client.

“Let Westinghouse Digital create your ultimate vacation escape right at home with LCD HDTV’s that provide years and years of entertainment,” the media advisory says. “Invest in the HDTV experience and give your car and gas expenses a well deserved break!” Westinghouse is calling the switch in priorities a “stay-cation.”

The advisory notes what can be bought by HD wannabes who may be considering these vehicle trips:

  • Washington, D.C., to Disney World in Orlando (1,645 miles roundtrip) equals the equivalent of a new 16-inch Flip Top HD TV (MSRP $350);
  • New England to New Orleans (2,758 miles roundtrip) equals a new 26-inch LCD HD (MSRP $550);
  • New York City to Los Angeles (5,600 miles roundtrip, depending on route) equals a new 42-inch LCD HD (MSRP $1,120).