Post Republic grades ‘StreetDance’ 3D movie with Film Master 2009

German post-production facility Post Republic is grading “StreetDance,” the UK’s first 3D full-length feature film using Digital Vision’s Film Master 2009. The trailer and teaser already have been graded at the facility using the latest Film Master update and have been distributed worldwide.

Set in London and featuring top British dance talent, the film tells the story of a street dance crew that, in a bid to win the UK Street Dance Championships, is forced to team up with a group of classical dancers. Shot in 3D, rigs were supplied by Los Angeles-based 3D specialist Paradise FX, which also supplied rigs for major features such as “The Hole 3D” and “My Bloody Valentine.”

Post Republic upgraded its Film Master platform in October to the new 2009 release, which includes conforming, grading and monitoring for stereoscopic projects. The Film Master and 2009 upgrade were supplied and installed by German reseller MWA Nova.

Based in Berlin, Post Republic’s grading suite offers a RealD projection system and silver screen display technology, which applies a polarizing filter system in front of the projector lens and passive polarizing glasses for left eye/right eye separation.

Post Republic upgraded its Film Master platform to handle the 3D “StreetDance” project, said its managing director, Michael Reuter.

“For a reliable calibration in the grading suite, we decided to technically replicate the RealD cinema experience,” he said. “Our graders wear polarized glasses throughout the session watching the grade on the silver screen and finally master onto a stereoscopic DCP.”

Post Republic also has a Nucoda HD system in the grading suite in another of its facilities. The Nucoda HD, which was used on the “StreetDance” trailer and teaser, has been used to finish HD and digital projects.