'Poseidon' HD DVD With Dolby TrueHD Postponed Several Weeks

Warner Home Video has pulled this week's planned HD DVD release of the motion picture remake "Poseidon" from its schedule until after the holidays. It gave no reason for the delay. The film was originally due out on Dec. 5, but Warner said on its Web site this week that the new release date would be Jan. 16 (along with the mob movie "GoodFellas").

Although the movie bombed at the North American box office earlier this year, the HD DVD release was anticipated by some HD aficionados this holiday season because the disc will include Dolby TrueHD track audio and some enhanced "Special Features" material made possible by HD DVD disc technology, including an "In-Movie Experience" interactive video commentary, according to High-Def Digest.

(It may be just a typo, but Amazon.com, which is taking pre-orders for "Poseidon" this week, was listing an availability date for the movie as "Dec. 31, 2007.")