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PMA07: Sony, Samsung, Canon Offer Their own HD Photo Systems

Not to be outdone at the same trade show by Microsoft (see previous item), Sony, Samsung and Canon ramped up their own solutions for tapping into the growing number of large-screen HD monitors and Mac computers in the home and turning them into convenient "viewers" for still photos.

Two Sony Cyber-shot cameras, the 7-megapixel DSC-W80 and 8-megapixel DSC-W90, connect to most HD sets via a specially designed cable (sold separately) and will show off photos in quality equivalent to "1080 HD" (without specifying "i" or "p"), according to

Meanwhile, the HD Photo Box from Samsung is a storage tool with 250 GB of internal memory where Mac users can download "HD" digital pictures directly from a camera, or be able to connect the box directly to a Mac. When connected to an HDTV screen, a remote allows navigation of an image library and selection of photo categories.

And while most newer digital still cameras can also shoot video (albeit, maybe only 60 seconds at a time), Canon has a new 7-megapixel camera unit (PowerShot TX1) that captures moving images in 720p at 30 fps at 16:9. The video, too, can be viewed on a regular HD set via component cable, or downloaded to a Mac.