PLUS Vision’s CaptureBoard enhances meetings and presentations

PLUS Vision recently released its CaptureBoard system, a new tool for meetings and presentations. CaptureBoard allows the user to project an image and write on the board's surface, then capture the projected image along with the written information into a single digital file.

The functionality of the CaptureBoard is intended to replace common projection screens for most presentation applications. The CaptureBoard's screen surface possesses the properties of a projection screen and a dry erase board, while its design and software enable the projected image to be combined with written data and saved to a computer.

A projected image of up to 60in can be displayed on the board's matte-finish screen surface, which prevents reflection and projector lamp glare. Annotations and drawings can be readily added to the CaptureBoard's surface using PLUS dry erase markers. The user can add new ideas, amend old ones, stress particular points and make notes either over the projected image or in the margins of the screen. When saved to a computer, the combined image provides a record of the meeting that can be easily distributed and referenced.

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