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PLAZAMEDIA institutes efficient, file-based workflow based on Omneon storage, server solutions

Germany’s PLAZAMEDIA has selected Omneon storage and server solutions to form the basis of its new platform for an efficient, file-based workflow. At the heart of PLAZAMEDIA’s "eCenter," a new MediaGrid active storage system provides facilitywide central storage, with Spectrum media servers performing ingest and playout. PLAZAMEDIA currently plays out 19 channels, and the new eCenter will allow the rollout of additional channels as needed.

The team at PLAZAMEDIA has developed a workflow in which content will be ingested to existing Spectrum servers under the direction of Blue Order media asset management and then sent or imported to the new, redundant, 2 x 24TB MediaGrid system.

Relying on the Omneon ProBrowse application, the MediaGrid system can actively generate browse proxies while content is still being recorded. This efficiency is particularly valuable to anyone working on a tight deadline. Directed by Marquis Medway, MXF IMX 50 files will then make the trip from the MediaGrid system to Avid editing and back, at which point the ProXchange application will transcode designated files into MPEG long GOP for playout under Pro-Bel Morpheus automation. The MediaGrid system will also interface with EVS servers used for live sports production and with an SGL tape library serving as a deep archive.

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