PLAZAMEDIA Deploys Mo-Sys Virtual Studio For German World Cup Coverage

(Image credit: Mo-Sys)

MUNICH, Germany—Content and sports producer PLAZAMEDIA here deployed a Mo-Sys Engineering LED production studio prior to the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The deployment came following experimentation to identify the optimum technology and successful proof-of-concept testing. The turnkey solution includes real studio elements with optional extended reality (XR) ability, Mo-Sys Engineering said.

Mo-Sys provided technical guidance from concept to delivery, virtual production training and project management of the installation in the 7,500-square-foot studio at PLAZAMEDIA’s headquarters in the AGROB Medienpark near Munich.

“We have worked with Mo-Sys on several VP projects and that experience gave us confidence to entrust their team to deliver this state-of-the-art XR studio,” said PLAZAMEDIA director of productions and customer relations Hansjorg Baumgartner. “Mo-Sys’ new and innovative camera switching technology for LED VP, which maintains render power across multiple cameras without increasing the XR engine count, together with their knowledge, technical support, guidance and ability to bring in key partners has been invaluable to our success here.” 
The Mo-Sys StarTracker incorporated into the design generates six-axis camera and lens tracking data for each of the studio’s four cameras. The data drives the perspective of the virtual set, Mo-Sys Engineering said.

The tracked cameras work with the Mo-Sys combined LED content server and on-air bMR (broadcast mixed reality) graphics system, which delivers the virtual set content from the graphics engine, it said.

The bMR system also solves the problem of switching between full-resolution tracked cameras shooting a virtual set displayed on an LED wall where the camera outputs switch faster than the LED wall can update with the correct camera background. Mo-Sys bMR orchestrates the switch to ensure only the correct camera perspective view is visible, it said.

“The entire team at Mo-Sys is incredibly proud to have played such a significant role in the delivery of this incredible XR studio project. We would like to thank PLAZAMEDIA for their trust in us and we look forward to further strengthening our relationship,” said Mo-Sys CEO Michael Geissler.

Mo-Sys worked with PLAZAMEDIA’s in-house technical and graphics teams as part of their project management, which ensured the complex studio build was delivered on schedule. Mo-Sys was responsible for all virtual production technologies, which included the 1,291.6-square-foot LED wall from Spanish manufacturer Alfalite. The company’s Modularpix Pro ORIM 1.9mm pixel pitch panels were specified for the 108-foot-by-11.6-foot U-shaped LED volume, which is driven by 11 render nodes, it said.

The studio is being used to immerse 2022 FIFA World Cup soccer fans into game action.

More information is available on the Mo-Sys Engineering website.

Phil Kurz

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