Planet Dailies Coffee Shop woos Vegas partiers with new digital look

A Las Vegas coffee shop, catering to the Strip’s “techno-chic” crowd, has turned to digital signage to create a postmodern feel for its customers. Located in the new Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, the Planet Dailies Coffee Shop is now outfitted with 50 digital displays strategically placed throughout the venue. The Panasonic displays include a mix of LCDs and plasmas.

The Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino opened in mid-November and features numerous restaurants and cafes. Planet Dailies is the latest addition, offering contemporary American food around the clock. Formerly the Aladdin, the casino was rebranded last spring after undergoing a billion dollar renovation.

The various displays throughout the coffee shop, which range in size from 32in to 60in, are controlled and programmed by restaurant management using Panasonic’s NMStage, a retail signage scheduling and content distribution system. With NMStage, content can be scheduled and managed on any combination of displays, including dividing the display into multiple segments. Programming for the coffee shop includes sports, news, entertainment, daily specials from the menu on a touch-screen kiosk, packaged media and casino entertainment. The signage is also augmented with a high quality three-zone audio system, which allows different programming to be played in various sections of the coffee shop.

The retail TV system at Planet Dailies also includes a server and six media players and is connected to the Internet to allow retrieval of live information and electronic content. The Internet connectivity also allows for remote monitoring and management of the system. Within the coffee shop, NMStage operates on a secure network environment with dedicated bandwidth to help ensure quality images and viewing.

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