Pixelmetrix OTT Media Grinder Upgrade Adds Analytics

SINGAPORE – Pixelmetrix has updated its OTT Media Grinder, a comprehensive system for validation of Over-The-Top Delivery Infrastructure. Forming part of the overall service analytics engine of the OMG, this new feature exposes the key contributing factors leading to OTT service quality issues.

“Service quality factor analytics is one of several new and upcoming solutions being added to the OMG,” Danny Wilson, Pixelmetrix president and CEO, said. “Intelligent data mining across the thousands of simulated clients within the OMG appliance, top-ranked issues are displayed for easy reference. Despite operational pressures and cutbacks, service quality still matters. Now, with this integral new attribute, we can help operators tune and troubleshoot arduous tasks or obscure problems related to OTT delivery. The analytics upgrade for the OMG is available as a free download for our existing customers.”

The OMG simulates OTT clients (like the iPhone) with multiple user-defined behaviors; because some pools of clients can, for example, consume content to the end, while other pools of clients can randomly change speeds, drop connections, or ‘flap’ between adaptive bitrates.

To quantify the unique quality of service/ quality of experience performance factors for OTT, Pixelmetrix has developed the comprehensive VideoMargin Metrics, which give insight into the OTT delivery. Measuring network, HTTP and video layer performance, the seven VideoMargin parameters measure each aspect of the delivery domain spanning content server, network, authentication, individual client behavior and collective client behavior. Consolidated service availability is also provided as a single number in a ‘5 nines’ type of representation.

In a 1RU form factor, dedicated GigE Interfaces are available for management and load generation. The OMG can be operated stand-alone in a single location or in a distributed, coordinated, multi-site configuration where loading multiple OMG systems provide visibility of service quality across the entire network.Pixelmetrix develops preventive monitoring solutions that enable operators to achieve end-to-end visibility and keep tabs on network architecture.