Pixelmetrix introduces ASI support

Pixelmetrix, manufacturer of the DVStation for MPEG transport stream monitoring, has announced a new line of modules that adds ASI output to the demodulated transport stream.

The company, based in Singapore, also announced expanded support for third-party routers for both ASI and RF round robin monitoring. Added to the support roster is the Model 4430 8x1 ASI Router by Ensemble Designs and the Model CGRF 200 4x1 RF Router by Robit.

Pixelmetrix also introduced DVD-RW burner functionality that allows transport stream files to be recorded to DVD for archive, troubleshooting, or vendor complaint/continuous loop playback of a recorded transport stream segment; and copy or upload any arbitrary TS files to the DVStor for accurate playout from the ASI port.

For more information, visit www.pixelmetrix.com.

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