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Pinnacle Provides Graphics For NBC Station Group

Thirty Pinnacle Systems FXDeko II character generators are being installed into NBC's 15 O&Os with the help of the network's Proximity asset management system.

According to Richard Westcott, VP of Strategic Projects, Technical planning and Engineering for NBC, one of the main factors in the network choosing Pinnacle's FXDekoII was that it could receive files distributed via a WAN and automatically resize and position both images files and video clips based on templates that "define the NBC look." Pinnacle developed a visual environment within Avid's iNEWS newsroom computer system and, using the MOS protocol, inserts graphics directly into the rundown.

FKDeko II systems then deliver them through a Playback Controller as part of the DekoMOS interface.

"Our objective is to minimize the time-to-air and effort required for breaking news and daily graphics," said Westcott. "Pinnacle is enabling NBC to fully leverage the MOS protocol to deliver a sophisticated on air look with increased speed and consistency using fewer resources."