Philips introduces new DVD-rewritable technology

Philips Electronics has created a new reference design for rewritable DVD devices targeted to second-tier manufacturers. The goal is to establish a low-cost re-recordable DVD technology that rivals the growing popularity of popular DVD video players.

Current play-only DVD players are now priced below $100. DVD+RW devices are considerably more expensive, beginning at prices of $500 or more at retail.

The new reference design is expected to bring additional new manufacturers to the market and drive down prices through volume sales. It will also demonstrate renewed support for the DVD+RW format in the consumer-electronics market.

The new Philips reference design includes the entire product, including remote control and even cables. Other manufacturers can simply build the product and add their brand name to the box.

Philips hopes to see lower cost models from several manufacturers at January’s CES trade show.

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