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Pharos audio server for BBC Broadcast Center

A Pharos audio server system now forms the central audio storage resource for the playout facilities at the BBC’s new Broadcast Center in White City, London, replacing traditional audiotape, cartridge-based and Mini-Disc play-in devices.

High-quality recordings can be made to the server without having to load, label and archive individual tapes, cartridges and discs. Audio content held on the server can be accessed rapidly using its integral database, offering all the benefits of a massive library without having to deal with shelves of individually archived storage media.

Stored content is accessible from continuity and the automation- driven playout suites. The system’s primary function is to store speech clips for end-credit and other announcements. It can also be used for other audio-based objects such as music or effects as channel outputs evolve. Each automated playout channel has access to at least one replay port from the server-cluster; the continuity booths are equipped both for record and replay.

Designed specifically for broadcast and post-production applications, the Pharos Audio Server enables programs to be captured and filed using an integral SQL database. Based in Reading, England, Pharos Communications has developed a wide range of systems for digital asset management, program archiving, router and device control, and playout to air. For more information, visit:

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