PESA Cheetah router expands in a smaller footprint

At NAB2006 PESA will introduce a 1024x1024 router in two equipment racks. The new Cheetah 1024XR allows users, such as cable head ends, broadcast networks, satellite facilities and telco companies to handle a large number of inputs and outputs in a broad range of signal formats. The new router is optimized for bandwidth hungry HD signals and includes such signal management features as A-to-D, D-to-A, HD-to-SDI conversion, and analog outputs for monitoring.

The new two-rack system uses an on-board distribution circuit into each 1024x512 frame. Cheetah 1024XR systems support high-quality signal routing for SDI, HD, and ASI in either coax or fiber I/O. Each 41RU frame allows for very low power consumption, N+1 power, and dual internal control. Because the new Cheetah is designed as a base digital system, broadcasters can start working with SD signals and upgrade later to HD with minimum cost.

PESA's newest large-scale router is delivered along with the company's 3500PRO control software and Viewport setup and diagnostics software. The system allows users to customize frame settings, monitor the health of the unit, incorporate SNMP network management software, and set output option cards for optimum performance on an output-by-output basis.

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