PBLSat Automates Bookings and Scheduling

New U.K.-based provider of occasional-use satellite services PBLSat has built its satellite booking and scheduling operations from the ground up based on the ScheduALL broadcast and operations management system.

PBLSat, which was formed in 2007 after the founders purchased BT Media and Broadcast's occasional-use satellite business, turned to ScheduALL to provide a complete booking and scheduling infrastructure for the new company. ScheduALL is used to schedule and manage all of PBLSat's technical and personnel resources, including uplink trucks deployed throughout Europe and the U.K., flyaway facilities, in-house satellite capacity, and global fibre connections. ScheduALL enables customers to book satellite capacity 24 hours a day through the PBLSat Space Centre, which establishes necessary uplinks, downlinks, and international fibre connectivity.