ParkerVision Integrates AP News Platform

ParkerVision and AP have completed the integration of their technologies to allow news staff to easily extract and modify data for news scripts.

A new interface between ParkerVision PVTV News control room automation systems and the AP Electronic News Production System (ENPS) allows users of the PVTV system to receive rundown, story and production commands from ENPS using the Media Object Server (MOS) protocol, which speeds up late-breaking changes to a newscast and simplifies the process of preparing for a show.

PVTV directors usually mark their scripts electronically using transition macro elements (TME's) that set up each event in a newscast. With ENPS, directors had to access each script prior to making a change. The new interface allows TME's to be entered directly on the ENPS rundown.

"Our goal is to use MOS to drive functionality upstream in the newsroom workflow, thereby making the directors' experience in the control room more responsive to on-air changes," said Bill Couch, product manager for the PVTV News line.

PVTV News is a software- and hardware-based system that comes with audio processing, video switching and digital video effects and machine control. It lets one or two users control video production from a single application that can be used in a live video setting or used to create a pre-production file using hotkeys and TME.