ParkerVision and AP complete system integration

ParkerVision’s PVTV News control room automation system now offers improved integration with the Associated Press'Electronic News Production System (ENPS) for highly automated electronic news gathering and other broadcast applications.

PVTV can now receive rundown, story and production commands directly from ENPS using the industry-standard Media Object Server (MOS) protocol, thereby streamlining the process of preparing a news show for air and speeding up late-breaking changes to a newscast.

Directors using the PVTV News system typically mark their scripts electronically using transition macro elements (TME) that setup each event in a newscast. Previously with ENPS, this process required the director to access each script prior to making a change. The new interface allows TME’s to be entered quickly and more easily, directly on the ENPS rundown.

ParkerVision, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, designs, develops and manufactures communications technology platforms and products for the wireless and video industries.

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