Panasonic to Download HD 'Art' With GalleryPlayer

Panasonic Direct is starting to tap into some of the world's finest artwork and photography for use on consumers' Panasonic HD monitors through a new Internet service dubbed the "Panasonic HD Image Gallery."

The gallery features what the company said will be an extensive library of
downloadable HD image collections powered by GalleryPlayer, which provides still imagery. The service is part of an "evolving relationship" between Panasonic and GalleryPlayer, according to the companies.

Panasonic Direct said available artwork will range from the classic masterpieces of Monet and DaVinci and the pop culture world of Andy Warhol, to stunning photographic images from "National Geographic," "Time Life," and more than two-dozen other content partners.

Panasonic Direct said its HD Image Gallery incorporates a proprietary technology, which automatically adjusts each image for crispness and for the best fits on displays -- regardless of screen resolutions.