Panasonic announces new version of AJ-HD3700 D-5 HD SD/HD Multi-format VTR

Panasonic has unveiled an enhanced version of its industry-standard multi-format/multi-standard Mastering VTR, the AJ-HD3700B, a universal international mastering recorder.

The AJ-HD3700B VTR can record and playback both 625 PAL and 525 NTSC D-5 cassettes as well as D-5 tapes from all previous versions of this widely-used production machine.

The AJ-HD3700B provides full-bandwidth 4:2:2 digital 10-bit component recording with 74.25 MHz (Y) and 37.125 MHz (Pb/Pr) sampling in HD formats.

The AJ-HD3700B meets HD studio standards for production, editing and broadcasting. Its picture quality is well-suited to repeated dubbing and editing, and for large-screen cinema playback. Eight channels of audio are standard in all formats.

New time code and format conversion enhancements offered by the AJ-HD3700B include conversion from 24 frames to 30 frames progressive time code and the ability to display the original 25 frame time code output when playing back footage in 24-frame mode.

New filter sections have been added to improve image conversions, enhancing the user's ability to control the down converted output quality for such applications as DVD mastering and standard definition masters for TV distribution.

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