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PacTV Gears Up for Olympics

LONDON: Los Angeles-based production company Pacific Television said it will provide several services for non-rights holders seeking broadcast coverage of the Olympics taking place in London from July 27 – Aug. 12. These will include live-shot locations in East London near the sporting event’s primary venue, as well as use of the facility’s two studios and 24/7 satellite delivery capabilities. 

PacTV London has been distributing sports coverage in HD and SD around the world since it opened in 2004. The facility has planned views of the sporting event’s main venue and a classic London city background located in front of PacTV’s East London branch.

PacTV has 22 circuits to and from BT Tower, and all are capable of transmitting or receiving uncompressed 270 Mb SD and 1.5 Gb HD signals. All remote, uncompressed HD or SD content being delivered to PacTV London is encoded using JPEG 2000, MPEG-2, or MPEG-4, depending on the requested format from the client. From there, the content will be sent out over PacTV’s established fiber network.

Further, PacTV London is directly connected to PacTV Los Angeles through a dedicated OC-48 fiber path, as well as to PacTV New York through a dedicated OC-12 fiber path. Truly a triple-threat, PacTV is capable of transmitting content around the world in seconds.