Oxygen Media chooses Pixel Power graphics

Pixel Power, a manufacturer of character generators and graphics systems, announced that Oxygen Media has purchased its Clarity2 graphics system for all on-air programming.

Oxygen Media, a 24-hour cable television network programmed for women, is available in 48 million cable households. The channel is using the Clarity2 system for the continuous broadcast of a lower third “stripe” that is specifically integrated with its program content in New York City, and delivered electronically for on-air playout from the Comcast Denver Broadcast Center.

Oxygen is unique in its coordination of the lower third graphics with program look and content. Oxygen Media purchased a Clarity2 system with Clips and audio for its New York facility, and Comcast purchased two Clarity2 systems including Clips and audio for its Denver Broadcast Center.

The Clarity2 system features tight integration of character generator, still store, clip playback and audio in one multichannel box. The system offers relay bypass, SNMP monitoring, redundant power supplies and RAID storage to ensure reliability in a multichannel automated playout facility.

Pixel Power and Oxygen Media’s programmers developed an XML interface that enables the integration of on-air graphics with Oxygen’s Robolisa scheduling system. The Clarity system will be running under Encoda automation control.

For more information, visit www.pixelpower.com.

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