Oxygen DCT launches new HDTV products

Oxygen DCT has added several new HDTV products, including the OxBox 9B11DA-C stand-alone sync generator.

The OxBox 9B11DA-C is a multifunction, tri-level sync generator and digital-to-analog converter. It works at 1080 progressive and interlaced standards, 720p at 50Hz, 60Hz and 59.94Hz and 1250/50i.

The new OxBox Midi 9B11DA-6 is a compact, stand-alone, six output universal HDTV/SDI distribution amplifier. It detects the input signal standard and equalizes the signal for output, whether it’s HDTV (1.485Gb) or SDI (270Mb) standards.

The new OxBox Micro 1320 plug-in fiber series replaces earlier products, providing automatic detection and handling of HDTV or SDI signals.

For more information, visit www.oxygendct.com.

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