Ovation In-Store CMO discusses signage trends at HBA Health & Beauty show

Marc Weshler, CMO for Ovation In-Store, espoused the virtues of digital signage to the beauty industry in a presentation he made at the HBA Health & Beauty America show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Weshler cited Dick’s Sporting Goods as a great example of digital signage being tailored to its clientele. Dick’s beams ESPN on large plasma TV screens to create a sports environment while people shop for sporting goods, thereby utilizing technology to make a strategic connection to its brand.

Weshler also talked about in which situations companies should make their messages broad, and what scenarios called for a highly tailored solution. He compared and contrasted an inexpensive shade of lipstick and an expensive skin care product, illustrating how the latter needed a more interactive display ad solution. The displays for the lipstick, a common product, could be installed anywhere where the masses could see them.

The benefit of technology, he said, lies in its ability to be tailored to a brand or a product’s particular local requirements. He further cited digital signage as a prime example enabling highly customized results for retail messaging.

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