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OTT Tennis Channel's Up 400 Percent Y/Y

PLAINVIEW, N.Y.— NeuLion said Tennis Channel has seen a 400 percent year-over-year increase in subscribers to Tennis Channel Plus, a subscription OTT service powered by NeuLion that provides content on “any” device. More than 25 percent of subscribers use it daily.

NeuLion said it signed a new multi-year agreement with Tennis Channel as a result of the uptake. The companies have agreed to collaborate on expanding to new markets and additional devices, following the 2015 French Open on Tennis Channel Everywhere and Tennis Channel Plus channels powered by the NeuLion Digital Platform. The agreement extends the one reached between NeuLion and Tennis Channel in May 2014 to support the launch of Tennis Channel Plus at the start of last year’s French Open.

During this year’s tournament, Tennis Channel, the primary U.S. rights holder, delivered 260-pluus hours of coverage, 140-plus live matches and encore replays, and 120-plus hours of nightly primetime show French Open Tonight, on the NeuLion Digital Platform.

Of the 25 percent of daily users, 50 percent stream video on their computers, 25 percent on tablets, 15 percent on media streamers Apple TV and Roku, 10 percent on mobile phones.

Tennis Channel Everywhere is available for the web, Apple TV and Roku, and mobile iOS and Android devices.