Optibase announces video over microwave deployment in Germany

Optibase, a provider of video streaming solutions, announced the successful deployment of its multi-channel TV streaming platform — MGW 2000 — by Euro 3, a German broadcasting company, for the distribution of regional TV content via a 34Mb/s microwave link to 400,000 subscribers in the Lake Konstanz area of Germany. The lake is at the intersection of the borders of Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Euro 3 head-ends are dispersed throughout the area. Some of the head-ends are nearly 80km apart, while others are partially obstructed by Lake Konstanz. Prior to deploying Optibase’s MGW 2000, Euro 3 leased telecom lines. By utilizing a microwave link, Euro 3 is able to deliver better quality video that uses less bandwidth, and is able to use the excessive bandwidth for additional services.

Content is fed into an Optibase MGW 2000 streaming platform, which encodes the video in MPEG-2 format at 6Mb/s. MGW 2000 then streams the content over the 34Mb/s microwave link, leaving 28Mb/s free for other services. Optibase’s VideoPlex decoders, located in each of the head-ends, decode the streams. The entire project is managed by a control system developed by System Integrator Kir Music & Media, headquartered in Pfullendorf, Germany. Kir Music & Media and Digital Video Computing (DVC), Optibase’s German partner, tailored the streaming system based on Optibase products for Euro 3.

For more info www.optibase.com.

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