OmniBus to reveal new G3 modular products at IBC

Releasing its first products based on the new G3 architecture, OmniBus Systems will showcase new modular integrated sports and newsroom products at the upcoming International Broadcast Conference (IBC) in the fall.

The entry-level HeadLine package, to be highlighted at the show, is designed for news and sports production and to integrate with all major newsroom systems. It provides fixed, standard functionality required to take a newsroom to air -- ingest, machine control, media viewing, and playout.

The products in the HeadLine Media Editor series—Edit 1000, Edit 2000, and Edit 3000—share a common user interface and core functionality and have been designed with a focus on the journalist’s specific needs. The Edit 1000 is a desktop editor using browse-resolution video and conforming the result through OmniBus newsroom automation.

The Edit 2000 operates at broadcast resolution and includes a number of audio-crafting tools such as desktop voice-over. The Edit 3000, a self-contained package designed for journalists in the field, includes a DV input card and the ability to deliver completed packages over data networks.

TX>Play provides an end-to-end, managed content-delivery solution—from ingest, through media and schedule management, to schedule delivery and integration with business information systems.

Based on standard open IT protocols, G3’s micro-modular design delivers integrated units of functionality providing for the precise requirements of individual users. This architecture enables broadcasters to control and configure both OmniBus automation and multiple manufacturers’ equipment to deliver unprecedented levels of workflow and operational flexibility.

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