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Omni Weather Platform Goes on HD Newscast

WOFL-TV in Orlando, Fla., has installed the Omni weather platform from Baron Services. It’s the second top-20 market for Omni and the first time Omni has been broadcast in high definition.

“The Omni weather system gives our weather team the ability to show pinpoint weather forecasts in a graphically seamless manner,” said Glenn Richards, chief meteorologist at WOFL. “In addition, we can now incorporate viewers’ weather videos and pictures into our forecasts to present even more hyper-local weather information.”

Omni combines weather analysis, worldwide 3D terrain and high-resolution data, blending 3D terrain and superimposed mapping results in a relevant, accurate localized picture of the weather in real time. The platform also contains patented high-definition data products, aerial mapping, nationwide and worldwide topography, ocean depth mapping, political boundaries and more in a renderless environment.