Omneon releases new media server system

Omneon Video Networks' new media server system is designed to deliver a threefold increase in channel capacity. The Omneon SPECTRUM ES enables users to expand I/O ports, bandwidth, capacity, and redundancy in granular increments, either simultaneously or independently – without turning the system off.

The system incorporates Omneon’s file system, which spans from the smallest to the largest configurations. The six-channel playout media server occupies three units of rack space and is capable of storing up to 72 hours of 12 Mbps video material.

In addition to the Omneon SPECTRUM ES, Omneon has also introduced a new line of media servers with the same name. The Omneon SPECTRUM line encompasses all possible configurations of the company’s system components, which include MEDIAPORTS, MULTIPORTS, MEDIASERVERS, and MEDIASTORES. Omneon SPECTRUM media servers can be configured precisely to meet the individual requirements of a customer and can be extended as needed. Across the entire Omneon SPECTRUM line, a modular, advanced architecture provides the ability to expand a customer’s implementation seamlessly in multiple dimensions without the need for a complete system overhaul.

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