Omneon, Building4 Media Announce Alliance

Building4Media a provider of broadcast automation systems, has announced an alliance with broadcast storage company Omneon to expand offerings to existing customers, as well as develop a new customer base with advanced solutions.

Omneon, owned by Harmonic Inc., and Building4Media, owned by Primestream, will collaborate to optimize the integration of new and existing products and the companies will continue to develop mutually beneficial and innovative broadcast automation solutions. Building4Media’s FORK Production, FORK Playout and Mobile2Air deliver an end-to-end production platform that includes digital acquisition of live and file-based content, media asset management, editing, archiving, streaming and pushing content to multiple screens and devices driven by an advanced file based metadata workflow.

Warren Arenstein, vice president of Business Development, Primestream, said, “Omneon is one of the most reliable platforms in the world for mission critical applications in broadcasting. We are excited to expand our existing relationships with our customers and our resellers with new opportunities and to make further available our combined offerings.”

“Building4Media and their FORK Suite of applications is among the most innovative playout automation systems for television stations and other production environments,” said Dave Fredrick, senior director of Product Solutions and Marketing, Omneon. “Building4Media’s focus on creating added value for broadcaster media data centers has produced a state of the art software application. On the Omneon platform, FORK provides complete control over their media assets. This, combined with their studio production and playout automation workflow solutions, creates a tightly integrated and streamlined solution.”

Workflows that both companies support include playout, studio production, news, sports highlights, and collaborative shared editing, all of which require ultimate reliability, control, and media awareness.