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Omneon adds intelligent track routing for multilanguage broadcast operations

Omneon's SPECTRUM media now has now additions that include an Automatic Track Routing system.

Omneon Video Networks has announced an intelligent track management and routing capability to its servers to improve the operational workflow for multilanguage broadcasters. The new capabilities enable an Omneon SPECTRUM media server to playback multiple languages across multiple channels from a single clip, while automatically detecting and routing the correct language audio track to the correct audio output channel.

The new capabilities allow operators to add multiple audio tracks to a single clip and specify which audio tracks play out on which outputs. The intelligent track support consists of two elements: the TrackTool software utility and a system enhancement to the SPECTRUM server called Automatic Track Routing.

With TrackTool, users can add, modify and delete audio tracks within a clip and also add identification tags (such as a language identifier) to those audio tracks. The Automatic Track Routing feature enables the server to read the identification tags within individual audio tracks and route them only to designated outputs.

In this way, broadcasters need only to configure system once for specific language outputs while using a single video file to provide all the necessary audio language versions of a program for different language channels. The system will automatically ensure that tagged language tracks are always played out of the correspondingly tagged audio output ports, regardless of the order in which the tracks are positioned within a clip.

Visit Omneon to learn more about its server systems.

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