Omaha station delivers 3-D traffic maps to ease viewers’ commutes

KETV, the Hearst-Argyle Television-owned station in Omaha, NE, has begun presenting viewers with easy-to-understand animated 3-D maps as part of its morning reports and on its Web site to make commuting easier.

The station is relying on the Beat the Traffic reporting system to create the animated maps, which include current road speeds, traffic incidents and travel times.

Omaha drivers lost more than 9 million hours and 5 million gallons of gas because of rush hour traffic in 2005, according to a 2007 study from the Texas Transportation Institute. By showing drivers traffic congestion and speeds before they leave, the station is helping drivers make better decisions about when to leave and what route to take. At the very least, it gives viewers a better idea about when they will arrive at their destinations.

The maps make use of striking graphics, icons and real-time traffic speeds to provide an overview of regional road conditions.

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