Old Dominion Installs Abekas HD Server

Abekas, a Menlo Park, Calif-based manufacturer of professional video equipment, has announced that Old Dominion University has deployed the company’s Mira digital video production server at its Norfolk, Va. Campus.

The new server was installed as part of the university’s high-definition video upgrade to its television origination center. The Mira is being used for uninterrupted continuous three-channel recording of 720p video from cameras television various school sporting events. A DNF Controls “DMAT-AB” controller is interfaced with the Mira server.

“For the price, there is really no better replay system on the market, and the customer support provided by Abekas and DNF Controls is wonderful,” said Julie Kindinger, A/V production coordinator at Old Dominion’s Ted Constant Convocation Center. “We really like the fact that Mira is always recording the three cameras--so even if we’re doing a replay and some new action happens during that replay, we can always go back and replay the new action. And the Mira system is very flexible and easy to use--so it’s simple to train new operators.”

The Mira server allows instant access to any of the captured sports action for creation of slow motion replays and for creation of highlights play lists. It also used to ingest promos, bumpers and other animated material prior to sporting events.