Oasis Christian Center selects FOR-A Hanabi switcher

The Oasis Christian Center in Los Angeles is using a FOR-A Hanabi switcher to improve its digital video productions.

The Oasis Christian Center, a non-denominational church in Los Angeles, has upgraded the quality of its video productions with the installation of a Hanabi HVS-3000S16 digital video switcher from FOR-A Corporation of America.

The Hanabi HVS-3000S at Oasis includes 16 channels, 2M/E (mix/effects) busses and SDI inputs and outputs. Oasis feeds four Sony DVCam cameras to the HVS-3000S switcher. Two of these cameras are outfitted with Vinten Robotics. Other switcher inputs include two VTRs, and an analog to digital converter that can be selected for a DVD player, VHS player or other analog source. Graphics and other video are fed to video screens at the front of the church, but not recorded to tape.

The switcher provides three key layers per M/E, plus fast operational response and multi-function capability. Chroma key operation is also standard. Adding up to four floating DVE channels and/or any of the hardware, software options available, can expand the switcher.

For more information visit www.for-a.com.

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