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NVerizon Updates Southern Oregon Public TV

NVerizon has outfitted Southern Oregon Public Television with the newest version of their TeraStore network-connected storage platform.

The upgrade takes SOPTV from an older, standard-definition version of TeraStore running off of Sony BETACAM tapes, to a HD, digital file-based platform, thereby eliminating the cost of videotape media.

TeraStore is designed to work seamlessly with all other NVerizon applications including NVerzion NControl, NTime, NBase and Ngest. The system’s line of storage solutions also offers unlimited expandability, effortless integration with other server platforms such as Omneon, Grass Valley, Ross and 360, automatic file migration and up to 144 TB of network-attached storage space.

"As a rural public television station, we need an archival solution that is high-capacity, cost-effective, and simple for our team to operate," said Tom Werner, director of technology at SOPTV. "NVerzion is a great company to do business with. Their support is outstanding and their product is reliable, well-designed, and perfectly suited to our needs — the TeraStore has exceeded all of our requirements."