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NuVision Offers Pink HD for Breast Cancer Awareness

NuVision’s Lucidium FX5
Pink is the “in” color this month, and for a worthy cause: Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can spot the unmistakable color these days in some otherwise unlikely places (such as the visors of the Green Bay Packer coaches). And not to be outdone, at least one LCD HD maker has done its part for the cause: NuVision has shipped a pink-bezeled HD LCD.

The 32-inch model (Lucidium FX5) is a limited-edition unit and the set maker will donate a portion of the model’s proceeds for breast cancer research. (It didn’t say how much.)

Even without a worthy cause attached to it, NuVision also is hoping that there is a sizeable niche market out there for pink HD sets, similar to those consumers who purchase a variety of colors for their next laptop computers from Dell, Sony and other makers (including hot pink).

Perhaps because of the partially charitable element of this particular pink-framed model, all other things considered, the unit is not exactly a bargain. NuVision said MSRP for the 32-inch, 1080p, 120Hz set will run around $1,500.