Nutmeg Upgrades With Yamaha Digital Consoles

New York City’s Nutmeg Audio Post is now operating with nine new Yamaha DM1000 digital audio consoles. The units were installed as part of a facility upgrade and were selected on the basis of the console’s surround sound capabilities according to Nutmeg’s technical director, Jonathan Abrams.

“It was also desirable to have bass management and down mixing accessible with as few operations as possible,” Abrams said. “These are all functions that could not be achieved with the consoles we had prior to the DM1000s.”

The consoles were installed in Nutmeg’s post suites and are used in conjunction with equipment from Ensemble Designs, Tektronix, Sony, Panasonic and others. The installation is part of a program designed to move the facility into high-definition video.

Nutmeg specializes in audio post production and sound design projects for television, radio, film and video. The company was founded in 1979.