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NTT Electronics' HDTV encoder to be used for satellite news coverage of MLB spring training

NTT Electronics has announced the delivery of its MPEG-2 HDTV encoder/decoder to the TV production company International Media Services (IMS). IMS will first use this equipment in its coverage of MLB spring training.

In this deployment of the MPEG-2 HDTV Encoder HE3100, video images from spring training will be distributed to Japanese and American sports networks via satellite and fiber-optic lines. The images taken by HD camera will be sent to HE3100 encoders in OB trucks where the HD-SDI data will be compressed into MPEG-2 stream for transmission via satellite.

The HE3100 supports not only each of the principle HDTV formats such as 1080i and 720p, but also 576i and 480i for SDTV formats. The HE3100 can also encode four audio channels while supporting a maximum of two systems, allowing for a total of eight channels to be encoded. The HE3100's lip synch function also boasts perfect synchronization, or a lip synch of zero, between the video and audio channels.

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