NRK produces Nobel concert with three OB vehicles

Not only is the Nobel Peace Prize Concert one of the proudest moments in the Norwegian calendar, it is also one of the most widely broadcast events in the world.

The concert, which celebrates the award of the annual Nobel Peace Prize, is recorded by Norway national broadcaster NRK for broadcast to more than 150 countries and watched by more than 500 million viewers.

NRK used three of its OB vans at the venue to produce the event. All three were equipped with Studer digital audio consoles, including the flagship of the NRK fleet, the HD-1, which has a 52-fader Vista 8.

With the 64-piece Norwegian Radio Orchestra occupying the central section of the huge stage, the left and right wings alternated with live performances.

Six Studer stageboxes, providing between 44 and 48 inputs and eight returns each, were positioned at the side of the stage handling a total of 264 inputs. Inputs from the artists on the two side stages were sent to NRK's OBL12, which is equipped with a Studer D950 audio console. Operators in the TR-23 truck, which has a 52-fader Vista 8 desk, mixed the orchestra then sent it to OBL12. The finished stage mix was delivered to the HD-1, where NRK's Jon-Dag Skagmo added presenter and audience feeds to create the final mix on his Vista 8.

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