NMT signs with Location Solutions

The Location Solutions LS-2 mobile unit

National Mobile Television (NMT) has entered into a joint venture agreement with Location Solutions by Keslow Television that gives NMT exclusive access to and management responsibility for the company’s twin 53-foot edit and transmission mobile units, LS-1 and LS-2.

The agreement between the two mobile production companies significantly expands the business volume of each, allowing them to take on a broader range of projects.

Ultimately, customers benefit from the NMT-Location Solutions relationship, since they now have a ‘one-stop solution’ to manage large events.

LS-1 and LS-2 are “non-traditional” mobile units because they are multi-standard, multi-format edit facilities, which can serve as complete broadcast centers.

Inside a Location Solutions truck

The trucks are also ideal complements to several areas of NMT’s business, including its Venue Services Group, which offers a range of consulting, system design and technical support services. Gepner notes that the Group is increasingly being called on to support broadcast facilities that are relocating, but need to stay on-air while a move is in progress.

For information about NMT visit www.nmtv.com.

To check out Location Solutions by Keslow Television go to http://www.lsktv.com

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