Nielsen Visual: TV & Radio Dominate Media Usage

NEW YORK—The folks at Nielsen have shared their latest Total Audience Infographic, which shows that TV and radio continue to dominate media usage. For the first quarter of 2016, Nielsen found that 287 million people in the United States engaged live and time-shifted TV, while 263 million engaged with AM or FM radio.

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With regard to television, the majority of engagement involved DVR-recorded and/or time-shifted viewing, which accounted for 200 million of the 287 million engagements. Radio comprised 263 million. Smartphone app/web engagement was the next highest, with 191 million. Then surfing the internet on a PC, with 183 million people engaging that way. Social media generated 176 million engagements on smartphones and 113 million engagements on PCs.

Nielsen released the infographic in advance of the upcoming fall TV season.