Nielsen reveals most iPad users download premium apps

A Nielsen study has revealed that 63 percent of Apple iPad owners download premium apps. The biggest category is games, which were purchased by 62 percent of all premium app consumers. Other big categories include books (54 percent), music (50 percent), shopping (45 percent) and news (45 percent). TV shows and feature films are also popular iPad fare: 33 percent watch TV shows and 32 percent watch movies, a considerably higher percentage than on the iPhone (11 and 12 percent, respectively).

Five percent of iPad owners only download free apps. Perhaps the most startling revelation is that a full 32 percent of iPad owners have not yet downloaded any apps.

As might be expected, more than half of iPad owners (65 percent) are male and most (63 percent) are under the age of 35. Making the iPad demographic even more desirable to advertisers, 51 percent have graduated college and 25 percent make annual incomes of more than $100,000. And, iPad owners are receptive to advertising: 49 percent said they are more likely to look at ads with interesting video content.