NHL Strikes A Deal With Sling Media

The NHL has partnered with Sling Media for its new video-sharing service, Clip+Sling, which will launch later this summer. It is the first major sports league to get on board.

Slingbox is the controversial device that enables users to remotely view programming from cable, satellite or DVR via an Internet-enabled computer with a broadband Internet connection. Clip+Sling allows Slingbox users to grab segments of TV shows--either live or recorded--and post them on Sling’s website for other viewers to see.

The deal with the NHL will gives fans the ability to record clips of hockey broadcasts to share on the Sling site. The clips will be searchable by team. Eventually the NHL plans to offer its own long- and short-form programming. The league sees the deal as an opportunity to increase its online presence.

Sling is hoping to reach similar deals with other professional sports leagues.