NHK's Super Hi Vision Returns to IBC

Super Hi-Vision, developed by Japanese national broadcaster NHK is returning to IBC again this year.

Debuting at the Amsterdam show in 2008, Super Hi Vision has 16 times more resolution, to be precise than 1080: 7680 pixels wide by 4320 lines high, at 60 progressive frames a second. There are 22.2 audio channels, including super-woofers front and back, speakers set at three heights, and a centre channel directly above the viewer.

New for 2010 are practical full-resolution cameras, with three image sensors each of 33 million pixels. One of these next generation cameras will be part of the demonstration at IBC where visitors will be able to appreciate the richness of the pictures. There will also be a camera in the center of Amsterdam, sending live pictures back over fibre to IBC.

In addition to the theater with its high brightness projectors, visitors will also be able to see Super Hi-Vision on special 58-inch diagonal plasma screens with 0.33mm pixel pitch for an incredibly detailed, seamless view. Staff from NHK and its partners will be on hand throughout IBC to talk about the practical implementation of Super Hi-Vision for museums and galleries, town center screens for major events, and eventually perhaps for broadcast to the home.