NFL Films Selects Fujinon HD Lenses for Upgrade

NFL Films has recently expanded its equipment line of Fujinon HD lenses, including HA25X11.5 ENG-Style telephoto lenses, HA22X7.8 telephoto lenses and HA13X4.5 super wide angle lenses. The company said it is upgrading its equipment with an eye toward shooting completely in HD within the next several years.

NFL Films, based in Mount Laurel, N.J., is a long-time user of Fujinon lenses. Recently, NFL Films had six crews stationed in Wisconsin and then in Kansas City following the Kansas City Chiefs during training camp. The crews used Fujinon’s HA25X11.5 ENG-style telephoto lenses and HA22X7.8 telephoto lens mounted on Arriflex, Aaton and Sony HD cameras to shoot the team at practice and at pre-season games. The show was produced for HBO and called “Hard Knocks, Training Camp with the Kansas City Chiefs.”

Hank McElwee, NFL Films’ Director of Photography, said, “The Fujinon lens offers more speed, and it’s great when you want cutaways of the coach from across the field. The fact that it’s HD and you’re fully covering the 16:9 frame helped us decide to go again with Fujinon.”

NFL Films, which produces highlight films for the National Football League, also plans to round out the remainder of its cameras with Fujinon glass as well.