NextGen TV Over Cable Test to Occur in Portland, Ore.

Portland, Ore.
(Image credit: Nick Wiltgen, Getty Images)

PORTLAND, Ore.—The NextGen TV standard is set to undergo a test on its ability to transmit the ATSC 3.0-powered standard over limited cable infrastructure in Portland, Ore., the Phoenix Model Market has announced.

The Phoenix Model Market Partners are working with Comcast in Portland to see how to deliver NextGen TV to Comcast’s infrastructure, which Phoenix Model Market believes could provide the industry a real-world technical example of how to transmit ATSC 3.0 over hybrid fiber-coaxial infrastructure.

The collaboration between the Phoenix Model Market and Comcast will develop the technical capability to pass along NextGen TV 4K UHD content through cable and eventually other features like HDR, Wide Color Gamut and ATSC 3.0 advanced immersive audio capabilities, per the Phoenix Model Market.

“While the Phoenix Model Market continues to expand its testing capability, we will be working together with industry leader Comcast to test out compatibility between both current cable and future broadcast architecture in the Portland market,” said Anne Schelle, managing director of Pearl TV, which manages the Phoenix Model Market. “We want to ensure that our viewers over cable can enjoy the enhanced video and audio experience that NextGen TV plans to offer.”

Comcast’s Senior Director of Digital Technology and Standards Jerry Parkins says that the test will provide insights into the performance of the technology for broadcast partners, manufacturers and technical groups.

Portland stations began transmitting the NextGen TV standard earlier this year.