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Nexsan demos new video storage systems at NAB

Nexsan Technologies has introduced InfiniSAN, a line of next-generation, high-performance storage and data products for electronic media. Within the line is ATAbaby, a product that utilizes the latest advancements in ATA technology to help expand storage capacity, improve business continuance and increase return on investment, the company said.

Designed to increase the performance and reduce the cost of digital video and streaming media applications, the company’s ATAboy2 RAID solution brings to the digital video market speed, reliability and performance. The video configuration features dual independent 2-gigabit Fibre Channel host ports that move content at RAID-5 speeds of up to more than 600 MB/s, and has a storage capacity up to 5.6 TB of uncompressed, high-resolution content.

Nexsan’s ATABeast is a file repository system that is capable of serving thousands of users for high-capacity applications such as digital video or closed-caption TV. ATAbaby and ATAbaby Twins are disk-based storage solutions that match high capacities and affordable price points for small to medium production environments.

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