New Zealand's Juice TV Automates With NVERZION’s NControl

NVERZION, a leading provider of digital broadcasting and television station automation solutions, announced that New Zealand's Juice TV, a 24-hour dedicated music channel, is ready to launch their second program channel, “J2,” using NVERZION’s NControl Package to automate the broadcast.

The original installation, completed last April as part of an upgrade and relocation of Juice TV in a new purpose-built facility in Auckland's Parnell Village, enabled Juice TV to reduce operation costs while improving the channel's on-air integrity by moving the broadcast to an all-digital server-based workflow that included NVERZION’s NControl Package.

“Over the last year, NVERZION’s NControl has enabled us to grow our first channel without limitations and with virtually zero playout error under non-stop use,” said Katie Noble, Juice TV’s General Manager. “Working with NVERZION, it was easier and more cost effective than we had expected to expand our system for additional control and channels. For us, the automation package, server and associated installation costs will have more than paid for themselves in less than three years.”

The NControl Package includes NVERZION’s NControl Playlists, the NGest record application for VTR source record control, NPoint application for segmenting clips and the EMC-NT8 device control system. In all, the NControl package controls two VTR's, one router, an Omneon Spectrum media server system, and a Pinnacle DekoCast character generator. NVERZION’s interface to the RCS traffic system provides a seamless workflow from the business department down to the Master Control console and guarantees the transmission continuity.

“The NVERZION product line is modular in design, enabling relatively smaller stations, like Juice TV, to purchase only what is needed and then expand as requirements grow," said Reed Haslam, Director of Sales for NVERZION. "Each component works well as part of an overall turnkey solution, or as a single stand alone component. Juice TV is a great example of how any sized organization can easily grow and expand their digital automated broadcast operation to meet future delivery requirements, without draining today’s budget.”

Prior to the studio upgrade, Juice TV was transmitted 24 hours a day using a manual operation loading and playing out Video clips on Beta SP. The Omneon server has replaced an analog MCR suite that relied on a master control switcher in a manual environment, and the NVERZION NControl automation package provides a visible improvement in picture quality with more consistent and accurate playout.