New York Gets its VOD

In what is considered one of the largest VOD deployments to date, Time Warner Cable of New York City has announced that it will introduce the service to its customers before the end of the year.

The service, dubbed "Movies on Demand" (MOD) will allow subscribers to view up to 100 movies at any time of the day with no new equipment. Once a selection is made, the customer can view it in its entirety, or pause, fast-forward, rewind or watch it as many times as they wish for up to 24 hours. Recent releases will cost $3.95 while older movies will be priced at $1.95. The library will be updated weekly.

An additional service, "Subscription Video on Demand" (SVOD) will provide premium channel viewers with unlimited access to programming from HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and The Movie Channel for a monthly fee of $6.95.

The service will be available to almost half of Time Warner Cable's digital cable customers in Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island within the next two weeks and to all 500,000 digital customers by year's end.