New Tower Regs Published in Federal Register

WASHINGTON: The FCC’s new rules affecting tower siting for certain tall towers, meant to protect migratory birds, have been published in the Federal Register (PDF).

However, they have not yet become effective. Some aspects of the new rules adopted in December need approval by the Office of Management and Budget. The FCC will publish a subsequent notice in the Federal Register announcing the effective date.

To recap, towers above 450 feet tall will face more scrutiny. Owners will need to do an environmental assessment and allow the public time to comment on where a new tower would be sited before construction, through methods such as a newspaper notice or local zoning public notice process.

An environmental notice also is required if an applicant changes the lighting of an existing tower “to a less preferred” style, according to the agency in its December decision.

New Tower Rules From the FCC to Protect Birds

-- Radio World