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New take on camera craft training

Jeremy Humphries, one of the UK's most experienced cameramen, has launched a series of self shooting workshops aimed at providing learning from experience. The workshop programme provides camera craft skills training to those needing to hone their competencies in camera operation.

The newly formed organization delivered its first training programme for the BBC on 8 and 9 July, with camera craft workshops integrated with sessions from editors and sound recordists - all basing their training on many years' experience. According to the company the format is a first for the UK where training sessions held in film and media centres, academies, universities or colleges is undertaken by academics with limited practical experience.

Available in London as well as on a regional basis, the workshops offer a hands-on, interactive learning experience from foundation level to intermediate and advanced courses. A bespoke training programme is also available. Workshops will also incorporate visits from sound recordists and editors to provide a fully rounded learning experience. An intermediate skills workshop is being run on 2 September 2008.

In addition to developing workshops for new graduating cameramen/women and the more experienced self-shooters in TV and documentary work, Jeremy Humphries is also extending the training programme into the corporate sector, aimed at in-house media departments which develop and produce multimedia communications such as corporate DVDs, product presentations and Web 2.0 applications.